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We can provide a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to a wide variety of refrigerator issues, including:

  • Failing to cool and/or freeze
  • Leaking or sweating condensation
  • Won't close or seal properly
  • Making loud noises
  • Constantly cycling
  • Ice maker or water dispenser is not working
  • Frost buildup in the freezer
  • Light stays on
  • + more

At Sac Metro Appliance Repair, we have extensive experience and a commitment to excellence. It is our goal to provide you with outstanding repair service, no matter what the issue is. To do this, we pay close attention to detail, and always go above and beyond to provide our clients with reliable service. When you receive assistance from us, you're guaranteed to have your appliance fixed in no time.

Our Technicians Can Also Perform Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Our Technicians Can Also Perform Commercial Refrigeration Repair

There are many businesses that rely on their refrigerators, including stores and restaurants. For any business that relies on a refrigeration unit to store cold products, a malfunction can be devastating. Your business may be required to shut down for hours or even days, and could result in a significant amount of spoiler food. Get an expert to your commercial property as soon as possible and get the problem fixed efficiently by calling Sac Metro Appliance Repair now. At Sac Metro Appliance Repair, we're able to examine your unit, quickly diagnose the issue, and then provide you with extensive commercial refrigeration repair services. Our goal is to get your unit up and running again as quickly as possible, thereby helping to protect your business.

If your refrigerator has broken down and you need assistance fixing it, then consider contacting the professionals. Give us a call today and we'll respond to your request as soon as possible. We'll also provide you with free estimates!

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